What is an Anti Deepfake Headset, and how does it work?

Apr 02, 2024

What is an Anti Deepfake Headset, and how does it work?

New Delhi [India], April 2: Deepfakes are a new type of false information that can be used to trick and scam people by creating convincing imitations of them. What started out as a harmless has slowly turned into an almost existential threat.
From bank heists to crypto scams to election interference deepfakes are becoming a real problem. The technology has developed so fast there really are not a lot of good answers. The Anti deepfake headset might help to solve the problem.
From a basic perspective, a anti deepfake headset is a device that works the same way as sticking your hand in front of your face. worked with old snapchat filters work by disrupting the AI behind the filter.
A you or a deepfake detector is able to discover an image identifying parts of the image that does not belong.
In the past this was easy as there were lots of artifacts in deepfakes, but today that's less and less common. Deep fake detectors are beginning to lose the battle against deepfakes.
The Anti deepfake headsets works by making it easier on the deepfake detectors. In the same way there are a lot of ways you can hold your hand in front of your face and make a lot of images that people can still tell are you. An anti-deepfake headset can do that but on a much bigger scale. An Anti-deepfake headset and it can make trillions and trillions of variations to the way you appear on camera.
This means person making a deepfake will not only have to be able to make an image that looks like you but also looks like all the ways you can appear with the headset on.
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