Nirvana Hub HR 2024 Event: A Groundbreaking Gathering of HR Leaders

Jun 11, 2024

Nirvana Hub HR 2024 Event: A Groundbreaking Gathering of HR Leaders

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 11: The Nirvana Hub HR 2024 event, held on June 8th at the Vivaswan Hall in the Art of Living International Center, Bangalore, witnessed an impressive turnout of over 600 top HR leaders from various industries. The event, known for its focus on innovative HR practices and transformative technologies, was graced by the presence of the esteemed Chief Guest, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who delivered a powerful keynote address. He extended his best wishes to the Sumeru Digital team for their pioneering initiative, the Offer Ghost product.
In his keynote, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar highlighted the importance of ethical practices and commitment in the professional world, resonating deeply with the audience. He praised Sumeru Digital for leveraging advanced technologies to solve pressing issues in the recruitment industry. Following the event, he also praised Sumeru Digital in a tweet, stating, "Addressed industry leaders, professionals, and corporates at the Nirvana Hub HR conference at @BangaloreAshram. @SumeruDigital launched a cutting-edge product to tackle offer-ghosting, a major issue for recruiters today." You can view the tweet link (
Launch of Offer Ghost: A Revolutionary Solution to Job Ghosting
Sumeru Digital chose this prestigious platform to unveil their latest innovation, the OFFER product, which aims to tackle the pervasive issue of job ghosting in the recruitment sector. Job ghosting, where candidates disappear after accepting a job offer, has been a significant challenge for employers, leading to substantial financial losses and inefficiencies in hiring processes.

In his address, Abhijeet Ranadhir, Sumeru Digital CEO emphasized the severe impact of job ghosting on the Indian economy, estimating a staggering loss of Rs1000 Crore ($133 million) annually. He pointed out the fragmented nature of current HR systems, which allows candidates to exploit gaps and ghost potential employers without repercussions.
"The loss due to ghosting a job or job offer is 1000 Crore ($133 Million) in India. Every HR system is handling it at their own level and all these systems are fragmented. The candidate who ghosts employers takes advantage of this gap. We addressed this using cutting-edge technologies like AI and Blockchain. This will surely help to bring commitment to the recruitment world," he stated.
Leveraging AI and Blockchain for Recruitment Integrity
The Offer Ghost product is a testament to Sumeru Digital's commitment to innovation and excellence. By integrating artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, Offer Ghost provides a robust solution that ensures transparency, accountability, and integrity in the recruitment process. AI algorithms analyze candidate behavior patterns and rate the ghosting incident and candidate in turn, while blockchain technology ensures secure and immutable records of job offers and acceptances.
This dual-technology approach not only deters candidates from ghosting but also builds trust and reliability in the recruitment ecosystem, benefiting both employers and job seekers.
Collaborations and Partnerships
The success of the Offer Ghost product is also attributed to the collaborative efforts with several esteemed partners, including Phenom, AiSensy, TrophyKart, Art of Living Corporate Programs, Amber Group, and Web3Acad. These partnerships have been instrumental in developing and refining the technology, ensuring it meets the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness.
The Nirvana Hub HR 2024 event was a significant milestone for Sumeru Digital, marking the launch of a revolutionary product that promises to transform the recruitment industry. With the backing of top HR leaders and industry experts, the Offer Ghost product is set to redefine recruitment practices, fostering a culture of commitment and integrity.
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