Arunachal's first Greenfield airport to be ready by November 2022

Sep 23, 2021

Arunachal's first Greenfield airport to be ready by November 2022

New Delhi [India], September 23 (ANI/ThePRTree): The Central Government is going to start Arunachal's first Greenfield airport project by November 2022.
The Modi Government has started the project 'Aviation Reform' under which 5 new airports will be built along with 6 heliports and 50 new air routes.
Sindhudurg and Gondhia districts of Maharashtra are the two districts that are included in this project. PM Modi stated that he will make the north-eastern states the wheel of the development of the country.
But the biggest issue that the government is facing while building this airport is land acquisition. Many development projects like these in India have come to a halt for the same reason. But nothing is impossible if the administration wants it, one of the most prominent examples is the Hollongi Greenfield Airport that is being built in Arunachal Pradesh. The Airport Authority of India has set a target to complete this airport by November 2022.
Hollongi Greenfield Airport
It is going to be the first Greenfield airport in Arunachal Pradesh and also the largest in the state of the northeast. The airport is tentatively going to be operational from November next year. SK Jain, Secretary of the Department of Land Management (SK JAIN IAS) has a major role in the development of this airport.
What is the story behind this?
About 10 years ago, the planning of the Hollongi Greenfield airport began but due to land acquisition issues, the project came to a halt. Also with the hollow information regarding the compensation to be given to be affected people by the project, rehabilitation plans the project couldn't proceed further. For all these issues many committees were formed but no proper solution was ever found. Most of the land for this project has been acquired by the Chakma people of the tribal community. Finally, after a lot of trouble, the Arunachal State Government formed a committee of 7 people on 7th August 2017. One of the members was Land Management Secretary SK Jain (SK Jain IAS).
Land Management Minister, Agriculture Minister, Revenue Minister, Energy Minister were also included in this committee. This committee first analysed the people who were disrupted by the project and came up with the idea of providing them with a good compensation and good facilities.
After discussing this proposal with the local people, the state government bought a total of 945 acres of land at the rate of Rs 500 per square meter for the Greenfield airport.
The most important role in the preparation of this report was played by SK Jain, the then Secretary of the Department of Land Management. Therefore, if the administrative officer wants to make a change, then any challenging situation can be resolved.
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