UAE police issue car parking warning

Aug 20, 2019

UAE police issue car parking warning

Dubai [UAE] August 20:How do you park your car? Do you park it straight, or do you reverse first and then park?
The Abu Dhabi Police have advised that its best to reverse the vehicle and then park.
In a video that they shared on social media, the police have demonstrated how parking the car in reverse can help prevent accidents, especially those involving children.
The video that the police posted shows an SUV reversing its way out of the parking in a villa when two children, who were playing nearby, suddenly come dangerously close to the moving vehicle.
Additionally, the police added that elders of the family should always be present near a parking space in case children are playing nearby.
The police also advised that drivers should avoid using phones while parking so that they don't get distracted.
Source: Khaleej Times