Survey: Over 300 Japan firms hit by US visa rules

Jul 03, 2020

Survey: Over 300 Japan firms hit by US visa rules

Tokyo (Japan), July 3: A survey shows that more than 300 Japanese firms are being affected by the US decision to suspend the issuance of some work visas until the end of the year.
The Japan External Trade Organization, or JETRO, conducted the survey from June 26 until July 1.
The US government announced on June 22 that it would temporarily block the entry of some foreign workers to protect domestic employment amid the coronavirus outbreak.
JETRO surveyed Japanese firms that operate businesses in the US and received answers from 961 of them.
Three-hundred-and-eight companies, or more than 30 percent of the respondents, said they will face difficulties in staffing their US businesses. The survey found that a total of 1,406 employees will have visa problems.
More than 35 percent of the respondents said the US move is affecting their business activities, and 13 percent said it will have a serious impact.
Some respondents said their personnel planning has been disrupted, and they may have to scale back their business operations in the US.
Source: NHK World