Mongolia's new legislators sworn in

Jun 30, 2020

Mongolia's new legislators sworn in

Ulan Bator (Mongolia), June 30: The newly-elected Mongolian parliament, or the State Great Khural, was sworn in on Tuesday, less than a week after the regular parliamentary elections.
"As a representative of the Mongolian people, I swear that I will uphold the interests of all citizens and the country, respect the state and historical and cultural traditions, uphold and observe the Constitution, be free from corruption and conflicts of interest, and faithfully perform the duties of a parliament member," the new legislators took the oath at the first session of parliament.
The ruling Mongolian People's Party won a landslide victory in last week's elections, taking 62 out of the 76 seats in parliament, according to official results announced Friday.
Opposition Democratic Party won 11 seats, while two other coalitions -- the Right Person Electorate Coalition and Your and Our Coalition -- took one seat each.
Former Mongolian Prime Minister NorovAltankhuyag, who ran as an independent candidate, also won a seat.
The State Great Khural, Mongolia's unicameral parliament, consists of 76 lawmakers, whose term lasts four years.
Source: Xinhua News Agency