Locals in frustration as rawhide price hits record low across Bangladesh

Aug 02, 2020

Locals in frustration as rawhide price hits record low across Bangladesh

Dhaka (Bangladesh), Aug 2: Locals expressed their frustration as rawhides from Qurbani (slaughter of sacrificial animals) are being sold at record low prices across the country.
In Bogra, differing on the size, each piece of cowhide was sold at Tk100 to maximum Tk500 (for 25-30 square feet) whereas each piece of goat hide was sold at Tk10-15.
Moreover, sellers gifted the rawhides of sheep as a complement with their rawhides of other animals, found this correspondent upon a visit to the trading places at Chaksutrapur, Badurtala, and no 1 railgate area in Bogra city.
Abdur Rahim of KahlurBirkedar village, Firoz Mahmud of Hatfulbari village, Abdul Mottalib of Halidabgar village and Latifur Rahman of Buriganj in Shibganj were some in Badurtala who came to sell their rawhides on Saturday.
Some of them said that they could not recoup the cost of vehicles with which they have come to the market.
Firoz, a tailor from Sultanganjpara, said he bought his cow with Tk65,000 but he could sell the rawhide at only Tk300 with much bargaining.
Wholesale traders say the price of rawhides fell as they are owed a large sum of money from tanners in Dhaka.
Mamunur Rashid, a wholesale trader claimed that he had purchased rawhides at Tk300 to Tk800. He said that only Tk3 lakh have been cleared out of Tk10 lakh as arrears by the tanners, due to which they were forced to buy rawhides at a lower rate.
Madrasa authorities said they will have to face fund shortages as they could not get much from donated rawhides.
No seasonal traders were seen in the usual trading points in Bogra city this year.
In Joypurhat, there were some seasonal traders available and they said their loss in trading rawhides this year is the greatest.
Seasonal traders Shahidul Islam of Natunhat area and Motiur Rahman of Jamalganj market said they have lost their capital due to the loss they faced because of collecting the rawhides from locals.
Previously they could sell each cowhide with a price of at least Tk1,500 and goat hide could be sold at Tk200, which is about 10 times less this year.
Shaju Hossain and Shahin Akhter, of rawhide wholesale depots in the district said they could not acquire the necessary amount of rawhides as the tanners are yet to clear their dues worth crores of Taka.
Engineer Abdul Harim, a local of Sabujnagar area in Joypurhat municipality said the rawhide price for his cow worth Tk95,000 was offered a mere amount of Tk200, due to which he had given the hide to a madrasa.
Sheikh Mojibur Rahman, another local said he could sell his goat hide at only Tk20.
In Naogaon, seasonal traders said some of them have dumped the rawhides into river as they had to suffer loss.
Rahmat Ali, a seasonal trader, said: "We could sell good quality cowhide at Tk300-350 per piece, but we bought it with Tk400-450. No one wants our goat hides which were purchased at Tk15-20 per piece. Profit is a dream we can't even get back capital."
The district's rawhide wholesalers' group said despite the tanners having cleared only 8% of the arrears, they are purchasing few of the hides from seasonal sellers from their own pocket as rawhides are a national resource.
Saiful Islam, a wholeseller claimed: "We are buying rawhides at the price fixed by the government. Traders supply us rawhides by collecting it from different villages, they expect something from us. So we are under pressure to buy the rawhides."
He said they have also been going through a fund crisis due to the money they are owed by tanners. "We are hoping that the government and tannery owners will do something so that the past glory of the rawhide industry would come back once again."
Similar sentiments of loss and trouble were expressed by traders and wholesalers from Dinajpur and Nilphamari, reports our district correspondents.
Source: Dhaka Tribune