Kyrgyzstan to continue to develop friendly, good-neighborly relations with China: FM

Oct 18, 2020

Kyrgyzstan to continue to develop friendly, good-neighborly relations with China: FM

Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), Oct 18: Kyrgyzstan will continue to develop friendly and good-neighborly relations with China, Kyrgyzstan's Minister of Foreign Affairs Ruslan Kazakbaev said on Friday.
During a meeting with Chinese Ambassador Du Dewen, Kazakbaev briefed Du on the situation in Kyrgyzstan, and said that Kyrgyzstan and China are good neighbors, good friends, and good partners, and that the two sides are cooperating closely in various fields such as politics, economy and trade, and humanities.
The minister assured that the newly formed Kyrgyz government will continue to develop a friendly policy towards China, firmly support China on issues involving China's core interests, and maintain coordination and cooperation with China in international and regional organizations.
He also voiced Kyrgyzstan's willingness to further strengthen cooperation with China in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to consolidate and develop the Kyrgyzstan-China comprehensive strategic partnership.
Du congratulated Kazakbaev on his appointment as minister of foreign affairs and spoke highly of the achievements of the China-Kyrgyzstan comprehensive strategic partnership.
China-Kyrgyzstan relations have continued to develop rapidly in recent years, Du said, adding that political mutual trust between the two sides has been deepening, that the Belt and Road cooperation has achieved fruitful results, and that the traditional friendship between the two countries has been continuously consolidated.
"As a friendly neighbor and comprehensive strategic partner, China is greatly concerned about the current situation in Kyrgyzstan and sincerely hopes that Kyrgyzstan will maintain stability and achieve national economic and social development," said Du.
Du also exchanged views with Kazakbaev on protecting the safety and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and enterprises in Kyrgyzstan.
Kazakbaev told Du that the Kyrgyz side attaches great importance to and will do its best to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens and enterprises in Kyrgyzstan. It will also create favorable conditions for Chinese enterprises to operate in Kyrgyzstan.
Source: Xinhua