Egypt's Al-Sherbini and Farag win PSA squash tournament

Oct 18, 2020

Egypt's Al-Sherbini and Farag win PSA squash tournament

Cairo (Egypt), Oct 18: Noor Al-Sherbini defeated Nouran Gohar to seize the women's gold in the squash 2020 International CIB Egyptian Open here on Saturday, while Ali Farag topped on the men's podium after beating Tarek Momen in the same tournament.
The event, platinum tournament of the Professional Squash Association (PSA), opened on October 10 in front of the iconic Great Pyramid of Giza.
After her win, Al-Sherbini will overtake Gohar as the women's World No.1 on November 1. On the men's side, Farag will also take back top spot from his fellow Egyptian Mohamed Al-Shorbagy.
"Of course, just playing here in front of the Pyramids is very big for me," Al-Sherbini told reporters.
"It is an unbelievable feeling for me. I had to tell myself to keep going because Nouran is playing unbelievably, and even though she was injured, she beat many top players on her way to the final, but I am thrilled to win this match," she added.
"It was pretty emotional, what an occasion to be able to capture here," Farag told the audience after his win.
Egypt's Minister of Youth and Sport, Ashraf Sobhy, praised the efforts made by the tournament organizers, telling Xinhua that organizing the contest proves that Egypt is able to host and organize international tournaments.
He also highlighted the importance of applying the highest standards of anti-COVID-19 preventive measures.
"Egypt's hosting of these tournaments will have a positive impact on the economy of the country and will definitely boost tourism," the minister said.
Source: Xinhua