Combating coronavirus: Abu Dhabi implements movement permit system

May 11, 2020

Combating coronavirus: Abu Dhabi implements movement permit system

Abu Dhabi (UAE) May11: The Abu Dhabi Police have announced a movement permit system for residents wanting to leave their homes for essential purposes during the National Sterilisation Programme, which runs daily from 10pm to 6am.
Police said residents can request for permission to leave their homes for essential work or purposes during the restricted period through the website The move aims to support the efforts of the programme to enhance community safety.
The authority has stressed the importance of adhering to the time limit of the requested permit so that the person avoids being fined.
The Abu Dhabi Police clarified that the entities whose nature of work requires the presence of employees during the National Sterilisation Program should provide the authorities a list containing the names of their employees and their vehicle number plates.
Vehicles of those working in vital sectors will automatically be exempted from the violation.
Authorities said residents fined for violating Covid-19 precautionary measures can file their disputes with the public prosecution through or their smart application within 15 days of receiving the offence notification.
The vital fields include energy, communications, medical, police, army, pharmaceutical, electricity and water, airport and immigration, banking, mass media and construction sectors, as well petrol stations.
Source: Khaleej Times